I had a brilliant repurposing idea! It happens once in a great while!

I don't know if you are like me but I have a secret drawer in my bathroom with all my hair fad accessories from the past. I've got banana clips (if you were a teen in the 80's you know what I'm talking about) curlers, picks, scrunchies, crimping iron (don't deny it you know you had one) small barrel curling iron, medium barrel curling iron, I currently use the large barrel curling iron. I could go on and embarrass myself even more but you get the point, some of the stuff is just plain junk so I need to toss it but I thought I would save some and make a little hairstyling basket for my 4 yr old daughter. This was the best idea ever, better than Christmas, better than bringing home a real pony. She has me sit on the floor (I work on my computer) and she sits up on the couch and works on my hair for hours.....I can't think of any toy she has that keeps her attention for that long, and when she's finally done with my hair she is so proud of herself and just beams when I look in the mirror and tell her I love it (I have to hide the cringe).
I love the fact that it was free and I'm reusing some stuff that would have been thrown away, this activity also helps her improve her fine motor skills, the hours of fun she gets from it is priceless!