Extra steps to take to protect yourself when cutting up Credit Cards!

A lot of people are making the move to be more financially responsible by cutting up their credit cards and using cash to pay for everything, don't let your frugal efforts be exploited by an identity thief. These people go to any lengths to get personal information and credit card numbers, if you think cutting up your credit card into a million pieces will fend off these lowlifes you are wrong. They will get each piece of your cut up credit card and reconstruct it to steal your card number. The best way is to throw the pieces into different garbages or throw half of it away one week and save the other half for the next week's garbage pickup. Doesn't it just irk you to no end that we have to go to these lengths to protect ourselves.

There is a positive side, check out some of these repurposing ideas I found, all using old credit cards!

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