Care for a slice of mud pie anyone?

When you see this does it just make your cringe for your carpets, we have nice weather but the ground is still wet so my daughter spends hours outside making mud pies and if you are familiar with small children or animals they have to go in and out of the house 50 times for no reason. Because of this I've learned this helpful trick to deal with muddy footprints and paw prints if you have fur babies. If you have fresh muddy tracks through the house your first instinct is to hurry up and clean it up but what you have to do is LET IT DRY. I know it kills you to just let it sit there but just leave it long enough to dry and then vacuum and "poof" it's gone! If the mud is really ground in it won't disappear completely so you may have to do some additional cleaning but if it's just on the top of the carpet fibers it just turns to dirt and your vacuum picks it all up. From experience I've found that if you try to clean it up while it's still wet it actually makes it worse and everytime you use spot cleaners you just create another spot that is a magnet for dirt because it leaves a residue in your carpet so future dirt just clings to it.
Try it next time if your OCD will allow, let me know how it worked!