An economical Easter...magic included... just $11.00!

So Easter is coming up this weekend. I'm working hard to provide a fun Easter experience for my son without breaking the budget. I choose not to go overboard as I don't want to set an expectation that I'll have to meet or beat every year. Easter means different things to different people. My goal is for my son to feel the magic of the Easter Bunny without spoiling him rotten. We purchased a basket a couple of years ago for $0.25 on clearance at the drug store. It's not themed so he can reuse it forever. I save the Easter Grass so I don't need to buy more.

I don't do stuffed animals, he has soooo many and I just end up donating them or throwing them out.

I really don't want to go overboard with candy. I picked up a few Easter candies at Rite Aid with coupons stacked with sales so they ended up about $3.00. I decided to fill his Easter basket with something more productive. Rite Aid had a bunch of "Cars" and Superhero coloring/story books on clearance. I spent $8.00 for all of this...
He is going to be so excited. And all for $11.00

Next up...a post on how to dye your own eggs