Why Sisters with Stuff? The mystery is finally revealed!

Have you been following us but wondering why the name Sisters with Stuff? Let me solve the mystery for you because I know it's been keeping you up night's. We are Sisters (obviously) I'm the older one (Michelle) and my younger sister is (Karen), and we are both Mom's of 4 year olds. Karen works outside the home at a very demanding job and I stay home. For as long as I can remember both of us have been very smart with money, both of us made good financial decisions as young adults that has benefited us now that we are not so young adults! Over the years we've had friends and coworkers ask us how we did so well when they were always broke and to us it was so simple.
  2 years ago we discovered couponing and it became an obsession, every phone conversation was couponing strategies for the next day's Rite Aid shopping trip. AAAHHH those were the good old days before all the store policies started changing, we were getting free stuff like crazy and even making money on a lot of the transactions and of course we had to tell everyone and their Grandma about it whether they wanted to hear about it or not. It wasn't enough to monopolize every conversation we had with anyone about our coupon escapades, we wanted to tell the WORLD, so we started a FB page to showcase our treasures, hence the name Sisters with Stuff. We decided to start posting some of our frugal tips as well, just little stuff we both have been doing for years to save money, our few fans really enjoyed them so we just continued. We both still coupon to buy groceries for our families but the hype has died down and we've changed our focus to providing as many of those frugal tips as possible and to just let people know that we can live with less and we don't need all that "Stuff" to be happy. We proudly say we don't need to have expensive clothes or dress our children in all the popular name brands, we don't have every new gadget and our kids don't have all of the latest toys AND we're not in debt!

I really would like to come up with a new SWS logo, the picture of the two girls doesn't really convey our message, we're not out shopping all the time getting more "Stuff" however we are both stick thin and just as glamorous as the picture portrays.  HEEHEE We need to find a picture out there of two glamorous women with coupons in one hand and wiping kids butts with the other?????  If you come across that please forward it on!!!!!