Who loves Freebies? I Do I Do!!

I love free stuff and free money! A long time ago Michelle posted an article about a survey site called Synovate that rewards you for your opinion. I've taken several of the surveys and am accumulating reward points. In addition they will send you free products to try out and review for them. Just yesterday Fed Ex showed up at my door with a box. To my surprise it was a FREE container of disinfecting wipes. It came with instructions to try them out. After 2 weeks they will send me another FREE disinfecting wipe. Then they'll ask me to compare the two. I know I know, it may seem like I'm way too excited over a free tub of wipes but they're FREE!!! How much more fun can it get! Check it out HERE!
The survey's are really easy and not annoying like some of the sites that are a never ending abyss!