We did our taxes tonight with Turbotax!! Success!!!!

My Husband and I did our taxes tonight, we used Turbotax Deluxe Federal Edition. Usually we go to the same place every year and they charge us over $200.00, this year we decided to to try to do it online and save some money. I knew we couldn't use the free simple edition because we itemize but after looking at the Turbotax website we decided to use the Deluxe Federal Edition, it was only $29.95 and you don't pay until you actually file so I figured we could try it. It was so simple, it asked every question so there were no guesses, I felt absolutely confident that it was accurate and there was nothing to mail in, everything was filed electronically. We're actually kind of mad at ourselves for not doing this sooner, for years we've spent a fortune getting our taxes done and we could have been doing them ourselves for a fraction of the price. I would absolutely recommend to anybody to check out Turbotax whether you are doing a free simple form or you own a business! I'm just happy it's done and we don't owe anything, that's a bonus!!!!!!