This was my lunch but you can make this as an appetizer for an elegant party!

Yes this was my lunch, I apologize the picture does not look fancy or elegant but you can make this into a really elegant appetizer. It is toasted baguette bread with real blue cheese melted on top and honey drizzled over it. Sounds weird but I am telling you it is to die for and tastes so incredible with the sourness of the blue cheese and the sweetness of the honey and then the crunch of the baguette bread, if you have guests they will think you are just a genius.

Here's why it's so cheap to make, you need a loaf of baguette bread mine was $ .99, I buy them at Costco they are not fully cooked so I keep them in the freezer then when I want one I pull one out and bake it for 20 minutes, I splurged and bought this chunk of blue cheese it was $7.27 but it will last so long, between last night and today I used the cheese for a whole loaf of the bread and I haven't even used a quarter of the cheese, then you just need honey to drizzle on top, I don't buy expensive honey, the little bear costs me less than $2.00.
I can get 15 slices out of the loaf of baguette $ .99
Blue Cheese for 15 slices $1.50
Honey for 15 slices $ .25
Total $4.49 for 15 slices, and plenty of cheese to make a lot more.
 They will think you spent a fortune when they taste it!