The Perfect Day, If you are an animal lover this will make you cry!

Once in a while I like to share things that don't necessarily have anything to do with money saving, I like to think that our blog is not just about "stuff" it's about the fact that expensive "stuff" doesn't mean anything to us and having a bunch of "stuff" doesn't matter. What does matter are the people in our lives and the kind of person that we are and the way we treat people. I truly believe the way we treat animals matters too, I wanted to share this article about a man who wanted to make a perfect day for his dog that  was dying. The Perfect Day by Jon Katz. I read this and cried my eyes out, I'm getting weepy just putting this post together. The picture below are my 2 angels Frasier and Wyatt, in the past 4 years I lost both of them to cancer and I still cry thinking about it. I was with them both and held them when they died, I like to think that they didn't feel alone when they passed I was there and told them that they were loved.
If you are like me and believe that animals deserve love and compassion then I have to warn you this article will be a tear jerker!!!!

Rest in Peace my Angels!