Looks disgusting to me but kids love this stuff!!

You might have seen Karen's FB post a couple days ago, she is in CA on a work/fun trip so I have her child for the week, so I've got two four year olds one girl, one boy!!!! They have grown up together so they fight like a brother and sister but they are having a blast. I've wanted to try the spaghetti hot dog trick, it looks disgusting to me but i thought they would have fun helping me put the spaghetti in the hot dog's.

And here's how ours turned out, pretty easy!
I'm embarrassed to say that I have already resorted to using old birthday party paper plates because the amount of dishes that 2 kids create is insane, we've had to run the dishwasher like 4 times already and
it's only been 3 days!!!! They loved their lunch of these nasty looking hotdogs with pasta coming out the ends, carrots and cheese!!!!


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