I'm saving $13.73 per month/$164.76 per year by making this change to my garbage service!

Believe it or not this is our garbage for an entire month, for my husband, myself and our 4 yr old daughter, I swear it's the truth. When my daughter finished wearing diapers I started thinking about changing our garbage service so I called and reduced the size of the garbage can from a 32 gallon to a 19 gallon can, that started saving me $7.69 per month/$92.34 per year.

We have so little garbage because we recycle everything possible that can be recycled and every bit of foodwaste goes in a yardwaste container that we share with our neighbor, I don't buy very much prepackaged stuff so there is not much left for garbage. (We live in the Pacific NW so we're pretty crunchy around here)

 Even after we switched to the 19 gallon can we still barely had 1 bag of garbage per week so I called our service provider again and asked them what my options were, they didn't have a smaller container or an every other week pickup so my only option was to go back up to the 32 gallon can with once a month pickup. It works out pretty good, we still never fill it up completely, I have to admit sometimes it stinks in the garage if there is packaging from fish or something really stinky but I'm willing to deal with it to save $13.73 per month or $164.76 and I feel really good that we are trying to reduce our footprint.

 I realize everybody has different circumstances, more people in your family, several little ones in diapers so I know it's not possible for everyone but maybe you could reduce from 2 cans to 1 or go to a smaller size? What do you think, would the money savings be worth it to you to make the switch?

Love this cartoon!


  1. Great idea! I wish our town offered that. Well, our garbage pick up is included in our city taxes, so no break for having less trash... and no extra charges for having more. So, it's not all bad... but it would be nice to be saving money while saving the earth!


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