Ever wondered what this whole "Brining" thing is about? Yeah me too!

Do you ever read those blogs and every project or recipe the person does turns out so fabulous it could be in the pages of Martha Stewart Living, well it doesn't always work that way, for me anyway. Here is one of my failures, maybe somebody reading can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

 I watch the cooking shows and alot of them talk about brining, it's a process where you soak meat (chicken, pork, fish) in a solution of water, salt, and other flavorings to add moisture back into the meat so it's very tender and juicy, you can read this article in Fine Cooking where a food scientist explains the science of brining. I wanted to try this myself, I'm always looking for better ways to cook meat and it really doesn't cost much just a little salt and seasoning, so my first attempt was a few months ago with some chicken thighs(sorry no pictures), I really didn't pay attention to the salt water ratio I just threw the meat in a ziploc bag with water and a bunch of salt and they turned out awful, I used way too much salt so we could barely eat them. My 2nd attempt you can see below, I think I was still nervous about the whole salt thing and I didn't want to ruin a whole chicken so I didn't put enough salt in so even though it soaked for several hours in the brine I don't think there was enough salt to do what it was supposed to, so I couldn't tell a difference in moisture or the flavor. I'll attempt it again but it can't be that hard right?
 Anybody out there Brine their meat? What am I missing?