Does your front load HE washer get stinky?

If you have one of the front load HE washers you know that they can sometimes get stinky, mine does and they tell you to leave the door open to let it air out but I can't always leave the door open because of where it is. If you read your instruction manual they tell you to run a special "cleaning cycle" once a month using bleach but a lot of people don't use bleach in their home, you can also buy special tablets that you put in the washer but again they are chemicals and I don't think they really clean the washer they just mask the smell with a heavy scent. I really needed something because mine smelled really musty so I searched the internet and found lots of articles, most of them suggested trying vinegar and or baking soda, so last night I ran a cleaning cycle using vinegar in the soap dispenser then when that was finished I used baking soda and just poured it directly into the tub part of the washer and ran another cleaning cycle. It came out smelling fresh, it probably couldn't hurt to run a couple more cycles because mine hasn't been cleaned in a while and we'll see how long it lasts. It's definitely cheaper than buying those tablets and you can feel better that you're not using a bunch of chemicals. Would love to hear if anybody has tried this or knows of something better!!!!

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