You can thank me later for this one!

If you go to Trade Shows or Women's Shows or maybe Blogging Conferences there are usually all kinds of booths and they are all having a contest of some kind, it's a pain to fill something out at every booth so I bring address labels and just stick one on the contest entry or the information sign up sheet. I also bring some to the airport with me and use them on the luggage tags. They're great to put on the kids backpack or items you hope not to lose. Keep some in your purse,  you never know when they'll come in handy!
You can always get them free or cheap from Vistaprint or if you've ever given to certain charity's they send you free address labels constantly. I've given to some animal organizations and I swear I get address labels or some free gift once a month from them. I'm thinking stop sending me the free stuff and put the money towards homeless animals!!!! Anyway I have enough to last me a lifetime so I bring them along if I think I'll be writing my name and address a lot.