This is how cheap I really am!

Just an example of my frugality, this is a lipgloss and when I can't get it to squeeze out anymore I cut it open and continue using it, do the same thing with tubes of toothpaste, you would be absolutely amazed at how much is left and disgusted at the amount that you throw away if you just toss it when it stops squeezing out. I also do this with tubes of foundation, if you get the expensive kind you definitely want to get your money's worth so if you cut it open you get several more applications out of it! I know some of these seem silly and maybe not worth your time or effort but when you add them all up together I really think they equate to some significant savings.
Anybody else do this?


  1. I do that. Or with makeup or eye cream, have my hubby squeeze it out into another container and use it. I also cut open lotion bottles and do the same thing.


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