Thinking about flying this summer, a few Airports that have child play areas

If you've ever flown with your children you know how stressful it is, you just hope and pray that they fall asleep during the flight and if they don't then you just do everything you can to keep them quiet and in their seat. We flew earlier this month out of Seatac and they have a childrens play area in the terminal so we took our 4 yr old daughter and let her run and get out a bunch of energy before we got on the plane and let me tell you it was the best thing ever and she did so great. More and more airports are getting on board so to speak and building kids play areas, according to
USA Today these airports have play areas.

Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport
Boston Logan International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
Washington Dulles International Airport
Nashville International Airport
Orlando International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Seattle Tacoma International Airport

You can read details for each one in this USA Today article, there are many more not included in this article so you can check with your local airport ahead of time if it's not on this list.
This is such a great idea it benefits the parents the child and the passengers around the child!
What airport play areas have you visited and how was it?

Chicago's O'Hare kids play area. Source