Ok don't laugh I know it's Valentine's Day that's the whole reason I posted this

Ok I know I'm getting kind of personal here but are you thinking about having a baby or trying to have a baby (you don't really have to answer, it was a rhetorical question), it sounds funny but a big expense can be pregnancy tests or ovulation predictor tests, those things are ridiculous they want $29.99 for a smiley face, I can draw a smiley face for free (what they should have is a finger pointing at you and the word SUCKER). I found this website before I was pregnant with my daughter where the tests are as low as $ .55 EACH depending on how many you order. I ordered from them several times, I ordered the predictor tests and the pregnancy tests and I promise you they work as well or better than the tests you buy in the store, I won't share every gory detail but I got a positive result when I was only 2-3 weeks pregnant. I can say first hand that I have used these and they work, don't be afraid to order a larger quantity because when you are trying to get pregnant you obsessively take a test every 5 minutes in case something changed in the last 5 minutes so you go through alot but you don't feel guilty because you're not spending $29.99 on each one and you don't have to send your partner to the store dying of embarrassment and then he end's up coming home with the wrong thing anyway. I know when it's your first one and it's the first month you want the fancy little happy smiley face or the pretty POSITIVE, that's all fine and good if you are in your 20's and it doesn't take more than 1 month but if you are over 35 and you have to do this for months than you don't need anything fancy just the little test strip will do nicely.  Email me if you want more gory details no weirdo's please, I just meant if you wanted to ask some more detailed questions but didn't want the whole world to see. (Ok it's not quite the whole world I'm deluding myself but you know what I mean)
 Happy Valentine's Day!!!!