Melissa and Doug crafts gone horribly wrong!

Just in case you  have a craft challenged little tike, this post is for you. 
The sad part is I am craft challenged so why should I expect more from my little monster. 
This pic is from Michelle's daughters craft chest, gotta love it! 

 If you have kids and you know Melissa and Doug then you know exactly what I'm talking about. You just smile and say it looks beautiful! I think we should all share our Melissa and Doug gone horribly wrong projects, please post your photos!!!!


  1. I think the most important part of crafts or art with your child(ren) is that they think its beautiful and they are proud of themselves. We may think it "needs" to be a certain way. Its us needed it to be perfect, because if we did it- it would be.

    My daughter at the time was 3.5 years old we were at the library and she was coloring a sheet of a apple. Mom and daughter was next to us, doing the same thing. Mom sat there damn near yelling at her child on "how" to color. Really?? her lil girl was no older than mine.. She HAD to color within the lines, the apple HAD to be red. Her lil girl noticed mine just going to town on her apple- she wasn't coloring within the lines- and I was ok with that- and the worst part which her child started to say something to mine was how my daughter colored hers. It had a lil bit of every color within the apple and she was so proud of it. So when her daughter was talking about mine to her mom, her mom said loud enough for us to hear how my daughter was obviously not taught how to color and she was a bad girl because of it... I did say something to her about her behavior and then we left.

    Today my daughter is 10.5yrs old, She has won art contests, she has a picture up at City Hall now, every year for xmas everyone in the family gets a special picture from her. She loves art- and everything related to it.

    sorry for it being so long, did not intend for that

    1. Tanya I totally agree! We have to let them just creat and learn their own way and expecting them to do it perfect is only going to make them feel worse. Good on you for saying something to the Mom!!


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