If you are traveling, call your credit card company ahead of time to avoid hassles later

Well I am in "get ready for vacation" mode which means I'm stressed out, irritable, wandering around the house mumbling lists in my head, and basically annoying the crap out of my husband. No wonder he's been working late every night this week he can't stand to be around me. This is my pattern, this is what I do, I know this because we have been very fortunate to be able to travel frequently and so before every trip I stress and worry about every last detail and then everything ends up being fine and I think to myself, why did I stress so much? I'm not going to do this next time, and then here I am doing it again.
Anyway enough about my neurosis, what I wanted to share is a little travel tip that I use every time. Before each trip I call our credit card company and let them know the dates and destinations of our vacation, this helps a couple of ways: first you reduce the chance of your card being put on hold because all of a sudden there are a bunch of charges in Mexico or overseas or where ever you are at, I know the card company is trying to protect you against fraud but it's a hassle to try to call the credit card company from outside the country to let them know that the charges are ok. So if they know ahead of time where charges will be coming from then that doesn't happen.
Second they know if there are charges in your home state while you are gone or anywhere else other than the locations that you gave them, then they don't belong to you and someone is obviously using your card fraudulently, if you have called them ahead of time and given them your destinations then they will have a way to contact you to let  you know.

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