I want your opinion, is it important to you that your children wear only new brand name clothing?

I wanted to start a conversation about kids clothing, we all know it is expensive to dress your kids at any age and you have to keep doing it over and over, how important is it to you that they only wear new or brand name clothing? We all have different opinions and everybody has their own unique situation so we can't judge but we can talk about you behind your back (Just kidding). No seriously I want other people's perspective but of course I'm going to give you mine. I realize that my experience is limited to a 4 yr old I can't speak for tweens or teens and I know when they get older they want specific things so that's a whole different world. My experience is birth to age 4, obviously I don't want my child to look neglected or homeless but I have no problem with her wearing hand me downs. I have some wonderful friends in my life who have given me clothing that their child has grown out of so 90% of the clothes my daughter has worn her whole life has been hand me downs. I just can't see spending a fortune on clothes that are going to be too small in 3-6 months and at this age she doesn't care and I don't make a big deal about clothing or shopping so she doesn't expect or ask for certain clothes yet. We were recently invited to a birthday party for a little girl turning 5 and on the inside of the invitation the Mother wrote a suggestion for a gift and it was gift cards to Justice. I have heard of Justice clothing store but I have never bought anything there and there is nothing wrong with Justice but I'm sorry that's just over the top and what message is she sending to her child that only clothes from Justice are ok, what's wrong with Target or Kohl's?
If my daughter needs something new I'm going to buy it but I'm not caving in to the whole brand name thing right now I figure why not save the money now because I'm going to need it later when she won't wear hand me down clothes. Kids at this age accept each other no matter what they wear, I think we could learn a lot from them. I think some Mom's feel the pressure to be accepted so their kids have to be dressed in only H&M and Kids Gap or whatever but we need to just give each other a break and take the pressure off  and just let people know that you accept them no matter what they wear or what their kids are wearing. What are your thoughts on this subject???