I'm so excited I got our new business cards from Vistaprint for FREE!

You all know how much I love FREE and I love to talk about Sisters with Stuff so I was ecstatic when my FREE business cards showed up from Vistaprint. What do you think?
  Oops, that's not it..how did that get in there...
Right on, they're super cute! Right now Vistaprint is offering 6 Products for FREE (there is that word again)! You pay only shipping and handling.
Choose from 250 Free Business cards, a free photo wall calendar, a free photo desk calendar, 10 free folded note cards and more!  The products are free- just pay for shipping and processing! Starting Shipping Costs · Free Business Cards: $5.67 · Wall Calendar: $5.67 · Desk Calendar: $3.49 · Sticky Notes: $4.57 · Note Cards: $4.68 · Stamp: $6.31

Michelle ordered some Mommy cards with her name and number on them so she can whip them out at the park to set up a play date. I can't even imagine how useful these would have been when I was dating... hmmm I couldn't tell you how many disappointed men there where when my number ended up washed away on a cocktail soaked napkin.. Well maybe I could but let's just pretend I was all that and a bag of chips!

ANYWAY, it's not always about me..or is it?