I'm going to try to bring home the Gold again for the good ole USA

So I haven't said yet but we are leaving to go on a cruise, I know you're not supposed to let the world know that you will be away from home (So if any thieves are reading Sisters with Stuff, first of all you don't know where I live, second of all we've got dogs, cameras, alarms, private security, boobytraps, poisonous darts and nosy neighbors so you may as well just give it up right now). Alright now that I've got that covered, this picture is a trophy I won on our last cruise 2 years ago, if you've gone on cruises you know they have different contests all the time all over the ship and you can join in if you want, this one was movie theme song trivia. I made it to the final 2 and I was up against a guy from the UK, the final song was the theme from the Godfather and he didn't know it so I got the gold.  It was a proud moment in my life (sniff sniff) either I have a good memory or I've sat around too many hours watching movies hmmmmmmm I'll go with the first one.