I've fallen and I can't get up!!!

Ok, now that I've got your attention the real crisis is that Michelle has left on her cruise and I, Karen, am now fully responsible to manage the blog. <Insert scary music screeches> I do have a confession to make, lately Michelle has done 90% of the articles as my life seems to be in constant chaos. She is a trooper and deserves a vacation!

So what to do... do you want to hear about Super bowl ideas? ...nah.. I know I don't. How about Valentines Day? Hmmmm Maybe I should totally hijack the blog and surprise her when she get's back. Do you think she'd freak if I turned it into a Lindsey Lohan fan page or a dating site or her worst nightmare.. a blog devoted to sports statistics... No I wouldn't do that, I love you all too much!

In all seriousness..well as serious as I can be.. we L-O-V-E our fans and hope you find us fun and interesting. Although I could never fill the shoes of my big sis, I'll do my best not to piss you all off!


  1. I'm always most interested in the posts on economical and healthy cooking.

  2. Thanks Christy, I'll do my best! :) Oh and I forgot to mention.. hee hee.. Michelle wrote a bunch of articles to help me out..See how sweet she is.

  3. I never realized how funny you two are!!!! Rock On!


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