I'm baaaaack and I still have sea legs and cruise ship stomach

Well I so I heard Karen kept you all entertained while I was gone, hopefully you didn't have too much fun without me, I shouldn't say that because I was having a blast, we flew to L.A. and left our daughter with relatives and then my husband and I got on a cruise ship and went to Catalina and Ensenada Mexico. You get used to the movement of the ship so when you get off the ship you still have the sensation of movement so I still have sea legs, and I don't even want to step on the scale. It sucks coming home and actually having to prepare food instead of having it served to me 20 times a day, god forbid you go 15 minutes without eating. It's a rough life I know. I thought I would share a few photos.

That's the ship we were on.

My husband and I on one of the dress up nights, this is our 6th cruise so I have my cruise ship dresses (I'll tell you about this one later) this was the second night so my gut wasn't hanging out yet from all the food I had been gorging myself on. Oh Yeah Karen was right, I was at the Casino every night, she knows me too well.

I had to throw this one in too, this is in Catalina and it leads to this huge old building called The Casino but it's not actually a casino it's a theatre but I love the sign. My husband thought I was crazy and he was embarrassed to take the picture but he'll get over it.

Enough of the pictures I won't bore you anymore but I wanted to tell you that this cruise was less than $500.00 dollars for both of us for 4 nights 5 days, you can't even stay at a hotel and eat for that and we flew for $300.00 for three of us round trip, I'll share my cheap travel secrets later if you're interested.


  1. Hopefully you had better sunscreen than your first (I think it was your first?) cruise a few years ago! Ouch! ~Jeannie~

  2. Very cool! Would love to hear you travel secrets.

  3. Oh yeah on one of our cruises I used spray sunscreen instead of lotion and fried my legs so bad that they swelled up and blistered and I had to go to the doctor on the ship for anti inflammatories.


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