Are you on Pinterest? WE ARE! All the cool kids are doing it!

Did you know Sister with Stuff is on Pinterest? Have you heard of Pinterest? An easy explanation I use for Pinterest is it's a social networking site like Facebook but instead of communication with words you use pictures. You will love and hate Pinterest at the same time, you love it because it's so fun to pin all those beautiful pictures but at the same time you hate it because it's such a time suck so you have to control yourself otherwise you lose HOURS!!!! Pinterest is great if you are a crafter or a do it yourselfer or if you are into cooking or travel or gardening or cake decorating, sewing, I could go on forever.
Search for Sisters with Stuff on Pinterest, if you need an invitation just let us know and we'll send you one. Once I figure out how to do it I'll add a "Pin It" button to the posts. Does anybody know how?