A few last minute travel trips

Well since I've got travel on the brain I wanted to share a few of my favorite travel tips, traveling can stressful so hopefully these help a little.
Bring an empty water bottle (you can't bring water through security so it has to be empty) then bring those little packets of your favorite drinks, the ones I have are vitamin c immune boosters but you could bring crystal light or whatever you like and then get water at the drinking fountain to make your drink to bring on the plane. You can buy water once you get through security but a bottle this size is usually around $3.00.
If you have small children don't bring your good sippie cups, just bring the cheap throw away kind then when the beverage service comes around you can get juice or milk for your child and if the cup happens to get left behind you don't feel so bad.
Bring children's pain reliever/fever reducer even if your child is not sick, anything can happen at anytime, kids can get sick at the drop of a hat, so instead of having to take a taxi from your hotel to a grocery store and pay $10.00 for a bottle you've got it with you or you could be someplace with no access to children's medication so I would rather be safe than sorry!

Have a wallet for your passports (this may not work for everybody but it works for us) we keep our passports together in the little wallet along with any other important documents, then we have everything right together instead of my husband searching through all of his pockets and me getting P.O.'d while we're standing in line at customs. Worst case scenario you lose the little wallet and then you've lost everything......you decide, like I said it may not work for everybody.