Using a whole chicken for multiple meals

Part 1 – Cutting up a whole chicken

You may have noticed by our posts that Michelle is a much more experienced cook than I. My family has some weird food “issues” and working full time doesn’t leave me much time to experiment with new recipes. Last weekend I made it my mission to do something different. You may know by now that it’s super cheap to buy a whole chicken. I never pay more than $.99 per lb and recently stocked up when they were $.88 per lb. I paid $4.52 for this chicken. I really didn’t know what to do with a whole chicken besides crock pot or baking it. My husband (who has some diet issues that prevents him from eating too much red meat) is getting a little tired of the same old baked chicken.

Although this may seem basic to some, I hope many of you find this information useful.  I really didn’t know how to cut up a whole chicken to make the most of meat. So I started my research online. Through my favorite recipe resource I found a great video on how to cut a whole chicken, to show me how easy it is. I have some “issues” touching raw meat but thanks to my spic & span latex gloves I got on clearance at Rite Aid for $.25 hee hee, I’m all good. I cut up the chicken per the video instructions and it went relatively well. The skin came off the the breast easily and there were very little areas where you had to cut through the bone. The picture doesn't show the back bones and the wings.. I used those too. Too be continued...



  1. I love this, but I cook mine rather than make cut up fried chicken..only Ilike it so I use shake and bake and oven fry it...But anyway I roast it and then proceed to use it for numerous (5) meals etc.
    I also just learned how to turn mango salsa into white bean salad..YUMMMM!

    1. Thanks for the comments, I'm still learning, cutting the breast meat off was a little tricky for me but I figure it will only get better with practice. I was able to turn this into several meals. I'll share all those soon!!

    2. LOL! Who would guess that "Sister's with Stuff's" father was a butcher/meatcutter!!!!


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