Snow this weekend in parts of Washington, Are you ready?

I know I know some of you have snow all winter and don't freak out like we do here, but in parts of the Pacific NW we only get snow a couple times of year so it's a big deal when it happens. I know about snow, Karen and I grew up in Montana and our school never closed because of snow or the news stations didn't have 24 hour winter storm watch to scare us, but now that I'm a Washingtonian I have to say in our defense that this part of the state is not as prepared as other states, we don't have enough sanding equipment to cover this huge area, we have ridiculous hills, we have a ton of trees (this is the Evergreen State you know) that break under the weight of any snow and cause huge power outages, and we have a huge population of people that do not know how to drive in the snow so we have dangerous conditions on our roads when it does snow. So my point is that it can't hurt to be prepared no matter what state you live in, here's a link for snow preparedness including winterizing your vehicle and your home: Don't be surprised if you don't see any posts this weekend, we always seem to lose power or internet, 5 years ago we lost power for 4 days and it was so miserable and we were some of the lucky ones, some people didn't have power for a couple of weeks. Stay safe and warm everybody!!!!