Thursday, January 19, 2012

Save money and paper by printing on scratch paper

I hate wasting paper, I have been able to score some good deals on paper but I still try to conserve as much as I can when I'm printing coupons. Do you get these money mailers where you live? It's just a packet of coupons and advertisements for local businesses that comes in the mail, so I save them and print coupons on the back, they are the perfect size. If you really look in your junk mail you can find a lot of paper to print your coupons on. Anybody have more creative ideas to save paper?



  1. I would have never thought to do this! How creative... Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Amazing! Especially since my kids have figured out how to print from! I have Arthur coloring pages all over the place!

  3. My 4 yr old doesn't know how to print anything yet thank goodness. I'm dreading the day!

  4. this is the most awesome idea ever.



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