Ok, Don't judge the box wine until you've tried it!

OK I know those of you that drink cringe when you hear the words box wine, believe me I was one of those people until I found Black Box Wine. I have only tried the Cabernet Sauvignon and I love it, each box holds the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine and it stays sealed inside the bag so it doesn't go bad. They also have a Chardonnay and a Merlot that I would like to try. I wouldn't even look at box wine until a good friend introduced me to it and now I'm hooked. I usually pay $16.99 for the box so that comes out to $4.25 per bottle which is unheard of and just an FYI when the spout stops pouring make sure to open the box and take the bag out and "tip it" up to get the remainder of the wine out, you get about 2 more glasses out of it by doing that.


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