It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

This Christmas I only had a few gifts to pick up last minute. I think I spent less than $20. I’m super busy so I don’t have much time to plan ahead or get started on my holiday shopping months in advance. Last year I hit up 75% off leftover holiday toys. These toys lasted all year long. I never had to buy gifts for my son’s schoolmate’s birthday parties. Which, by the way, are almost every Saturday and Sunday each fall. I had enough gifts for all my nieces and nephews birthdays and Christmas as well as my own son’s Santa Claus haul!

Ooops I did it again! Today I hit up 2 different Rite Aid stores. Today was the first day of their Christmas clearance. I got 53 items for $97.88, saving $294.95. This includes Candy, plush toys, several RC trucks, helicopters, fighter jets, motorcycles, dinosaurs, coin jars, wine openers, photo coasters, LED flameless candle fountain, flashlights, hair clippers, memory card reader, holiday bake ware, holiday paper items, Christmas cookie plates, and holiday décor. I also hit up a Hallmark 75% off sale and stocked up on Keepsake Ornaments (15 items for $47.07). I’m done shopping for the year and I can donate more than I would have been able to otherwise.

So what is the point of my story? You should have a good idea of what birthdays/events & age groups/gender you need gifts for this year. Hit up these clearance sales and stock up now. I have a gift closet and when I need a gift I just select it from my shelf. It saves me time, stress and most of all MONEY! I know that some people put a lot of value in how much they spend on a gift but I don’t agree. Especially when you’re buying toys for toddlers that will last about 3 months before they lose interest. They'll be in next years yard sale for $0.25.  

In case you’re wondering I didn’t clear the shelves..there’s plenty left for you! But hurry they won’t last long! And to my friends and family... if you see something you like, put in a request and you might find it under your tree next year!