Coffee deal at Amazon, 4 bags for $12.01

You know I love my coffee in the morning so I'm always looking for a great deal, I've stopped buying coffee from the grocery store because I can always find it cheaper on Amazon and they deliver it to my door. This deal is for LaVazza Crema e Gusto ground coffee, you get 4 8.8oz packages for $12.01, I've had this coffee before and it is delicious if you like stronger coffee. I know these are smaller packages but if you do the math it it ends up being $5.45 per pound which is a good price for this kind of coffee.

 Here's how you get it for $12.01: click this link Amazon Coffee or on the banner, select qty 1 and then select the subscribe and save option which brings it down to $15.71 then select every 6 months (don't worry you are going to cancel after your order ships) Then scroll down the same page and there is a coupon that you can click to get another 20% off (price will not reflect the 20% off until you checkout). When you are ready go to checkout, the price should be $12.01 with your 15% subscribe and save discount and your free shipping and your 20% coupon. Once your order ships makes sure to go back into your account and cancel the auto ship otherwise you will get another order in 6 months but it probably won't be the same price. There is no penalty or charge for cancelling the auto ship.