Are your weekends filled with Kids Birthday Parties? An alternative to a traditional gift.

Are your weekends filled with Kids Birthday Parties? If you have school age children it's seems like there is always a birthday party to go to and a gift to buy. Karen had a really great post It's the most wonderful time of the year  she was able to stock up on ton of birthday presents for the year by hitting up RiteAid's after Christmas sale, that is the way to go if you don't want to spend a fortune on gifts. Another idea I wanted share isn't always the cheapest way to go but it's stress free and in the long run will benefit the child more than some junky toy that will be broken in a month. I hate buying gifts, it's not about the money it's just the hassle of having to go to the store and stress out over picking the perfect gift and then wrapping and all that (I know things could be worse) but the easiest thing for me is to call the parents ahead of time and just say can I give you some cash for the child's savings or college fund. Kid's get so many toys for Birthday's and Christmas that they are overwhelmed and don't even play with half of them, obviously kids need toys so I'm not saying they shouldn't get any but if you know they are going to have a bunch than they honestly are not going to miss 1 less present to open, you can just give the parent's a little card with whatever amount you decide and you've saved yourself gas and time driving around and saved on wrapping supplies. Honestly don't you think the child will benefit more later on in life by having money to put towards college or a little bit in savings to buy a car rather than than a toy that has been long ago forgotten and thrown away.