Are you taking full advantage of what your local public library has to offer

I don't ever buy brand new books for myself, this saves me a ton of money, I either buy books from the thrift store $ .99- $1.50 or I check out books from my local library. I'm amazed at what the public library has to offer, I've been taking my 4yr old to the library about every 2 weeks to get a new stack of books for her and for myself. I don't have a kindle but if I did I would never pay for downloaded books, did you know that most public libraries have thousands of ebooks that you can borrow for your eReader, tablet, phone or MP3 Player. They also offer Audio Downloads so you can listen on your iPod when you're exercising or cleaning, video and music downloads, video and music rentals.
If you wanted to brush up on your basic word or excel skills they offer beginner computer classes, adult English classes and tons of kids story times. I was looking at my library website today and they have free museum passes to some of our local museums.
I would absolutely take advantage of what your library has to offer, if you have children it's great to get them interested in the library early on.
Here's a couple national links to find libraries in your state: