A simple painless way to put a few dollars into savings or put more towards debt

What are your money goals for 2012? Pay down debt? Put more in savings or retirement? Start a college fund for your kids? I would have to say mine is to save more and put more in retirement. We are very fortunate and have been able to stay debt free other than our mortgage even with me staying home so I try to stash away every little bit of money that I can, I'm obsessive about saving I honestly get a bigger high from saving than I do from buying things. A simple way to do that is to save all your rebate checks and put them into savings, if you are a couponer like me you might get several rebate checks in the mail every month from various sources. I love getting checks in the mail, when I get them I just hang on to them (not too long because they expire) until I have a few to deposit and then I just put them in savings. I figure I survived that long without the money so I won't miss it. Of course this doesn't work for everybody, maybe your goal is to pay down debt so if that's the case you could use the amount that you get back in rebates every month to pay a little extra towards your debt.

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