A bowl of vinegar to clean your microwave

I've heard several different ways to clean your microwave, like heating a wet rag or heating a wet rag with lemon, or heating a bowl of water to boiling. They all work but I came across this idea to put a bowl of straight vinegar or a bowl half vinegar half water in the microwave and bring to a boil. I used the half vinegar half water idea and it worked well, everything wiped off easily and the vinegar left a clean smell that you don't get if you just use water.
 I try to use cloth towels to do most cleaning jobs but if you do use paper towels they can go in the yard waste container instead of the garbage because you're not using chemical cleaners. It depends where you live, so check the rules of your local garbage and recycle company, we live in the Pacific NW and everything goes in either the recycle or yard waste, that much less to go in the landfill!!!!