$ .99 Men's or Women's Rogaine at RiteAid if you have your 20% Wellness Discount, this is a $49.99 retail value

I was at RiteAid and found this awesome score for only $.99 if you are looking for Men's or Women's Rogaine.
Men's or Women's Rogaine 3pk in the RiteAid ad on sale for $44.99
If you are at the gold level you get either 20% off or the ad price whatever is better, regular price at my store is $49.99 so my 20% would actually be better so my price would be $40.99.
Subtract <$10.00> manufacturer coupon from 1/8/12 SS
Subtract <$20.00> online rebate found HERE
Subtract <$10.00> UP Reward when you buy $30.00 worth of certain items (Rogaine included)
Total $ .99 plus tax (if you have sales tax in your area)
As an added bonus this is also a Buy & Save item so it would go towards your $100