What to do with your holiday cards after the season is over?

Give new life to your old holiday cards!  I always hated throwing them out but it does you no good to save them either. Why not reuse, reduce and recycle? I cut out cute pictures or messages and save them to use as gift tags. This is super simple. I’m sure there are ton of ways to make them even more fun i.e. different colored pens or fun shaped scissors. If there is a cute picture and the back of it is blank you can tie it to your gift as a hanging tag, otherwise just write on the picture and tape it to your package. Little tips like this will help you save a couple of bucks as well as give a greater purpose to the cards sent to you by your loved ones. Use these tips along with the creative gift wrapping ideas mentioned here.

There are several great kids projects that you can do to reuse holiday cards. 
  • Check with your child's teacher to see if the school could use them for cutting and crafts
  • Have your child make a bookmark, just cut out a cute picture or message, punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon to it. 
  • Put them in your child's craft box for cutting and gluing. They can use them to make homemade cards next year for friends/family/teachers. 
The possibilities are endless!!! What are some creative ways you have re purposed Holiday cards?