What is your favorite charitable organization?

The Holidays are a really important time to give back to your community or any cause that tugs at your heart strings. Couponing or discount shopping is a fantastic way to get more bang for your donation dollars. Although cash is sometimes a critical item to many organizations, I often like to stretch my dollar and am able to purchase multiple items for the same amount of money. If your work or church takes donations at the holidays, volunteer to do the shopping for your not so discount savvy friends and colleagues. Using combined donations you should be able to have a pretty sizeable haul for your favorite charity. I’ve done this with groceries, toys, diapers and hygiene items among other things.  Obviously you can do this at any time but the holidays are a good reminder to us all of how fortunate we are.

There is an organization in need for almost anything you can think of. People in need of food, clothes, power, household items, rent, childcare or medical treatment. Animals, Arts, Environment, Schools, Sports, Camps, Religious organizations or Peace. I’m sure there’s one if not several that all of you can connect with.

Peace to you and your family during this Holiday Season!
What are some of your favorite organizations that you support?


  1. www.pambatoto.com
    Supporting homes for orphans and giving jobs to impoverished women in Nairobi, Kenya.


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