The best homemade hot buttered rum mix

I make a batch every fall and keep it in the freezer and it lasts all winter, the tub you buy at the store doesn't even come close....
1 LB Soft butter not margarine
1 LB Powdered sugar
1 LB Brown sugar (Check out my post how to make your own brown sugar or tips to soften brown sugar that has hardened).
... Mix very well until creamy, make sure all the sugar granules are gone, if not it ends up grainy. Use a standup mixer if you can it eventually gets so thick a hand held mixer can't handle it.
1 Qt Good quality Ice Cream (don't melt, just soft enough to spoon out
1 Tbsp Nutmeg
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
Mix these last 3 ingredients in until creamy, it will be very thick.
Put in a plastic container and freeze, so when you want one just scoop out a large spoonful (I use alot) put in a mug and add spiced rum and boiling water.
This is a large batch so you could put portions into cute containers and give to friends as gifts or just cut the recipe in half. Enjoy! I know I do!!!

(Courtesy of my friends the Heath's)


  1. Sounds yummy, thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  2. I've never heard of Hot Buttered Rum, but it looks delicious.


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