Save money on your garbage and yard waste bill

So my sister shared a great money saving idea that totally paid off! Most of us now have great recycling programs in our communities that have decreased the amount of garbage we send to the landfills. Call your local garbage company and ask about alternatives for container sizes or pick ups. Example - Today I pay $15 per/mo for weekly trash pick up in a 32 gal container. My garbage company offer's... weekly pick up of a 20 gal container (which they provide for free) for $9.27 per mo. That's an immediate savings of $68.76 per year. They also have monthly pick up of a 32 gal container for $6.24 (an annual savings of $105.12).

We don't fill our container each week so we plan to reduce our service and pay for only what we use! Each company is different so give your garbage company a call and see what options are available to you!!