My shopping score: All this for $10.70

Remember my post yesterday about how I try to make every dinner for $5.00 or less for all of us, this is a prime example of how to do it.
Here's what I got:
3 pkgs of marinated pork tenderloin 1.5lbs each
1 package marinated chicken breast 1.5lbs
1 pkg all natural spinach & feta chicken sausage
Regular price before club card and discounts $44.11
minus club card and 50% off discount (they are dated for the beginning of 2012 so they were marked down 50% you just have to use them or freeze them before that date)

Grand total $10.70
That's the meat for 5 meals so that's $2.15 per meal for the meat then you add a side and a vegetable and there's your $5.00 meal.
I love when I find scores like this!!!!!