Make your own brown sugar

Time to start baking! Here's a recipe to Make Your Own Brown Sugar
You'll need (1) 5lb bag of granulated white sugar, (1) 12oz bottle of molasses
Use your standup mixer, pour sugar in mixing bowl, while mixer is on low speed add 1/2 the bottle of molasses, let the mixer go for 5 minutes, scrape down sides of the bowl. Depending on how dark you like your brown sugar you can continue adding molasses... until it is the color you prefer, for very dark add the entire bottle. Continue mixing and scraping until it is well blended and looks like brown sugar should look. Use in any recipe that calls for brown sugar, store in an airtight container. If it starts to get hard use my tips from an earlier post, how to soften brown sugar that has hardened.
Use your yummy homemade Brown Sugar to make the best Homemade Hot Buttered Rum Mix, I make this recipe every year!