It never hurts to ask for a discount

It never hurts to ask...something I've learned in recent years it to ask for discounts. After working in the retail world for many years I know that many places give their employees authorization to offer a discount. Many times it's at least 10%-15%. When I'm checking out at a retail store I always ask if there is any coupons or promotional discounts available, about 50% of the time they offer me ...a discount. Sometimes they'll even reach in the trash and pull out a coupon to scan. I'm never rude or selfish..just ask. In fact, you're more likely to be offered a discount if you are pleasant. Additionally if you have a AAA membership or are affiliated with any other large organization or company, ALWAYS ask about a discount when booking your hotel or renting a car. You may be surprised.
I'd love to hear your story about seizing a great discount!