Is it ok to regift? What are your thoughts?

Is it ok to regift? Here is my two cents worth...ABSOLUTELY!!  This time of year alot of us are struggling to find gifts for family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, so if you have a gift you got last year that's still in the package and you probably are never going to use why not try to give it to someone that will get some use out of it. Use some discretion when regifting, obviously you should never give it back to the person that gave it to you or anybody close to the person that gave it to you and try to match it to the most appropriate person for example if it's a flowery sweater that's just not your style but you have a friend that loves that kind of thing then that's a perfect match.

Try not to think of it like you're just pawning something off on someone else, you are giving a wonderful gift to a person that will enjoy it and get more use out it than you would and I think the original gift giver would appreciate that much more than if it were just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. What are your thoughts on regifting? Have you ever been caught?


  1. I think re-gifting is totally ok. Why not give something to someone that they can use. We need to get away from the expectation of spending X amount on gifts each year. Cut each other some slack and be a little less greedy. Plus it's environmentally friendly to reuse and reduce waste. After all it would probably end up in a yard sale for 25 cents anyway.


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