How I saved over $900 per year!

I saved $907.88 per year by making a few phone calls and re-arranging my home service packages. It was easy! Here's how I did it! 

What I paid for before:
Cell Phone – 2 phones ; 1000min limit (no text)
Home phone – had VOIP and it WAS a good deal but deals change!
Cable – had expanded basic, no movie channels
Internet – Locked in price for life for 8 MB speed
Garbage – Included 32 gal trash, 96 gal recycle and 96 gal yard waste

Here is what I switched to:
Cell Phone – Switched to an unlimited minutes family plan plus text (My provider gives a 25% discount for employees of the company I work for, ask, it can’t hurt)
Home Phone – Canceled, now that I have unlimited minutes I don’t need the home phone
Cable – reduced to limited basic cable (local channels only) bundled with Internet 12 MB – call around, I had asked in the past and it wasn’t economical but I kept calling and found a promotion.
Garbage – Switched to a 20 gal can along with the same recycle and yard waste.
Netflix – Added streaming Netflix which includes Thousands of movies and TV series. There is an UNLIMITED choice programs.
  •             Call your service providers, ask what other options are available. Keep calling as deals change and    new promotions come up. Additionally I know several people who call and threaten to cancel their cable, the cable company gives them a discount in order to maintain their business. 
  •       Recycle more and you’ll find you have much less trash. See the article I wrote earlier. 
  •       It was really hard at first to reduce our cable choices but we've adjusted and with Netflix we now find we’re addicted to new programming. 

      The $900+ amount is BEFORE all the taxes and fees. You know with phone and cable taxes and fees can reach up to $20 per month. Now with a lower monthly rate the taxes and fees are less therefore I am actually saving MORE than the $907.88

     Make some phone calls and let us know how much you reduced your bills!! Happy Saving!