Grandma's Mixer

I've been baking all day with my 4 yr old daughter, the KitchenAid mixer that we have used to belong to my Husband's Grandmother before she passed away. It sat for a couple years after she passed and then a couple of years ago we were visiting family and I saw it, nobody else wanted it so I took it. I have been using it like crazy ever since I got it, and my daughter who is only 4 is learning how to use it and loves to help me. I think Grandma would be so pleased that it was being used by someone that truly loves it and that her Great Granddaughter is learning how to use it, who knows maybe it will be hers someday.

We made some Pumpkin Bread


  1. The pumpkin bread looks delicious! I don't know what I would do without my KitchenAid mixer. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog btw. I'm your newest follower too :)


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