Do you have a mountain of toys like this?

Do you feel like you have a mountain of toys like this in your living room? I feel like I do and I only have 1 four year old and she is so overwhelmed with everything she doesn't even know what to play with, in fact earlier today she had her choice of 8 million things to play with but she wanted to play with those air filled pouches that they use to pack fragile boxes, (by the way that's what she's getting next year for Christmas). Anyway the point of my story is that a couple years ago I got the best advice ever, you take some of the toys they get from Christmas or their Birthday (obviously when they are sleeping or not looking otherwise they lose their mind) and you put them away somewhere and then bring 1 out per month or whatever you think, so they get to enjoy each toy so much more instead of just having a huge pile that they are sick of after a week. I don't know how much longer I will be able to do this, right now my daughter is 4 and doesn't realize that I took things that she opened earlier today, I'll try to get away with it as long as I can but I'm sure with older kids when it comes to toys they have minds like steel traps so forget that idea.