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KItchen Scraps or Yummy Salad?

Does it ever feel like you throw away more than you keep when preparing your veggies? It's always frustrating as you pay for vegetables by the pound yet throw away much of what you just bought. Aligned with my obsession to save money and reduce waste, I'm always looking for ways to use the 'scraps' whether it be save them for a future broth or composting them in the garden. I'm also discovering that some of it is quite edible. One example of this is Broccoli. For some reason many of us grew up watching people cut off the stem and throw it away. Maybe its not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye so our impulse is to reject it.

The broccoli stems are just as edible and delicious as their flowery tops. You can cook them the same as the broccoli heads. Boil, broil, steam, roast, grill or eat raw! I had quite a bundle of stems that collected after we had house guests so I decided to try something different. Turning them into a fresh raw broccoli/carrot slaw.  I trimmed …

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