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Homemade Cookies for your furry friend!

So who can't wait for 2021? 
Just hoping and praying that it goes better than 2020. I could make a thousand jokes about all the crazy stuff going on this year but I'll leave that to internet memes which do a much better job than I could. Out of the COVID-19 Pandemic comes Stay at Home orders which means working virtual for some of us. I'm so grateful I can work from home as I know that many people don't have that choice. 
There are pro's and con's to working from home but one major pro is that I save about 3 hours per day commuting. I'm really enjoying working in my PJs and bedhead. Then after work I walk straight out to my garden or patio to enjoy the outdoors. I only change my clothes on shower days or if I'm being honest I put the same yoga capris on day after day with a wash here and there. With the time I'm saving not ironing my clothes or hair and applying makeup before my hour+ long 15 mile commute, I'm really trying to be deliberate about h…

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