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What? Not just for jack-o-lanterns?

Pumpkins are a plenty! October is a fun time for many of us. The beautiful colors of fall, the scent of spices, Halloween and of course pumpkins. Did you grow your own pumpkins this year? Or maybe you love going to the local pumpkin patch. They are always fun for the kids with activities and games and fun for mom or dad to buy fresh fall squash.

I have to admit, for years my only use for a pumpkin was carving at Halloween and roasting the seeds. If I was going to make any other recipe that required pumpkin, I always purchased the canned filling. There is nothing wrong with this but this year I grew my very first pumpkin in my garden. It didn't get very big but upon searching options for cooking it I found a lot of great ideas. It was tough to decide how to use it. My family is a big fan of roasted potatoes so I thought roasting it might be good.

Cutting the pumpkin is pretty easy. If you cut the pumpkin in half you can easily scoop out the seeds. If you've never roasted seeds,…

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