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Make Your Own Garlic Powder

You may already know I cannot stand for anything to go to waste. Yes, I know it's my OCD. I've been learning easy ways to make food go further and/or last longer. This time it was garlic. I've been growing garlic in my garden for the past 3 years. Each year I plant the largest bulbs from my harvest for the next years crop. I've just harvested my garlic but I had a small bowl left over from last year. 
Different varieties of garlic preserve better than others. It's important to store the garlic in a cool and dark location with moderate humidity. I had brought the last of the crop into the kitchen for use.  Some of them had dried up into hard bulbs. Others were starting to dry, with loose skin and a few with shoots.

First you'll need to remove all the skins. This is probably my least favorite part. Lucky for me, my son loved to use the rubber tube thingy I got at one of those home parties that will remove the skins if you roll it between your hands. So he did th…

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