Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot Groupon Deals for Vegas Baby!

Are you headed to Las Vegas, I wish we were, we just got back a few weeks ago. I should have looked at these before we left, over 700 Vegas Groupon deals for visitors and locals, check em all out!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tiny Tot's, Tuesdays and Saturdays at Auburn Skate Connection

This is such a great deal and so fun for kids, here's the details: Every Tuesday and Saturday 10:30 - 11:30 at Auburn Skate Connection in Auburn, kids 8 and under can skate to Disney music and get a free chilly willy (It's a drink) for only $4.50, that includes skate rental and parents skate for FREE! Plan a play date with friends, you can even push strollers around the rink!!!!
For all the details go to Auburn Skate Connection.


My little trick to use less cleanser.

Here's my little trick to use less scouring cleanser. When it's brand new you pull of the little tab to reveal the holes, just uncover half of the openings. Less is wasted when you sprinkle the powder to clean.


Bows & Arrows Fun Fest

I found this free event for kids and thought it might be fun, Bows & Arrows Fun Fest Saturday May 11th in Enumclaw. Cedar River Bowmen provide all the equipment and instruction, RSVP by May 9th. I think these free events are a great way to introduce your kids to different activities without paying for a bunch of lessons and then finding out after the first lesson that they aren't really into it, who knows maybe archery will become their passion! Get all the details at Cedar River Bowmen.


Hot Groupon deal, $10 for $20 at The Body Shop

If you like The Body Shop you may want to grab this Groupon Deal!
Groupon: $10 for $20 Body Shop - On Location

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Free Bagel & Cream Cheese from Bruegger's Bagels

Sign up to receive a printable coupons for a FREE Bagel & Cream Cheese from Bruegger's Bagels. I'm bummed, no Bruegger's Bagels here in Washington State.

Bruegger's Bagels

Get 10% off your next purchase at Big 5 Sporting Goods

Join the Big 5 E-Team and get a coupon for 10% off your next in-store purchase!

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's really easy to help out schools by signing up for Box Tops for Education, no clipping required!

If you've got school age kids or grandchildren or maybe you just want to help out a particular school, it's super easy and costs you nothing! Go online and sign up for Box Tops For Education, you will enter in your shopper loyalty cards (like your Safeway or Vonn's, Fred Meyer number or any participating retailer) then you will choose a school to support, you can choose any school that is participating in the Box Tops For Education Program, doesn't matter if you are a parent, grandparent or don't have children but want to help out.

Once your shopper cards are hooked to your Box Tops For Education account, the school will electronically get the box tops from any participating items that you buy. You can log in and see what items you bought and how many box tops went to the school if you are curious or you don't have to touch it again, it just works automatically. Like I said it's a free and and effortless way to help out the school of your choice. Of course you can still cut the little squares from boxes and give them to the school but signing up for Box Tops For Education you can help out even more!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nutella on S'mores?

I saw this coupon and it reminded me of something one of my Besties showed me, instead of using chocolate bars on s'mores, she spreads Nutella. I tried it and it's delish, it's sweet but it's not chocolate overload like you get when you use half of a hershey bar. I have not compared calories or sugar but I'm guessing a thin layer of Nutella is going to be less than regular chocolate.

Here's a printable coupon for marshmallows if I got you thinking about s'mores. I know, just what you need, you're trying to eat healthy and then I get you thinking about s'mores.

$1.25 off ONE (1) KRAFT JET-PUFFED Marshmallows

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Win a $500 Gift Card to Target

Sign up for Rewards 4 Mom email newsletter and be entered to win a $500 Target Card, it only asked me for an email address.

Rewards for Mom

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Amazon deal as low as $20.50 for 48 double rolls of Angel Soft Bath Tissue

Thanks Karen for letting me know about this Bath Tissue deal at Amazon. 48 Double rolls of Angel Soft toilet tissue for $22.63, if you choose the Subscribe and Save option the price is $21.50 plus scroll down the Amazon page and there is a $1 off coupon that you can clip making the price $20.50 for 48 double rolls with FREE shipping. Remember if you choose the Subscribe and Save option you can always cancel after your order ships.

Been wanting to try baking eggs in the oven, I finally did!

This is popular right now on Pinterest, baking uncracked eggs in the oven instead of boiling them. I like to try the stuff that looks interesting and we use a lot of hard boiled eggs, my daughter can eat 4 of them at one time and we like egg salad sandwiches so here's my attempt.

I put the eggs in my mini muffin tin, I don't know if it makes a difference I could try the regular muffin tin next time just for the heck of it, I baked them for 25 minutes at 350. The eggs peeled easily, that's something that everyone mentioned in their articles, the yolk came out perfectly cooked, the end that was sitting in the muffin tin did have a little brown on it but it tasted fine (I took pictures but they didn't turn out and I had already eaten them so you'll have to trust me on the yolk).

I'll do it again, it really was much faster than boiling. Read how I Cook Bacon in the Oven, I will never go back to frying it in a pan again!


Regal Summer Movie Express 2013

Spring is well on the way and before you know it school will be out and you'll be scrambling to find inexpensive activities to keep your kids busy. Checkout Regal Summer Movie Express 2013, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am for nine weeks during the summer you can take your kids to a movie for only $1, the movies are different every week, all kid friendly. We went to several movies last summer and it's great because it's full of kids and their parents so nobody is judging if your child talks or you have to get up and take them to the bathroom 15 times, and you only spent $1 for each person so it's no big deal if they have a meltdown and you have to leave. Go to Regal Summer Movie Express 2013 to find the participating theater in your area and the summer schedule.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yes I'm glad I borned you!

I love the the stuff my 5 yr old daughter says to me, it cracks me up some of the off the wall stuff she says and thinks about. This is a good one from this morning.

5 yr old: Mommy aren't you glad you borned me and not someone else because then you wouldn't have me.

Me: I'm so glad Honey but who else would I have borned?

5 yr old: I don't know, maybe somebody from school or something.

Who knew "borned" would be in my lexicon, you may want to add it to yours!

Be Soft!

I thought this was so fitting right now, it's easy to hate and be angry all the time about the horrible things that happen everyday in our world but there still is beauty and wonderful people and kindness and things to be thankful for!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Some of my quirky money saving/thrifty things I do to save a buck

Ok I know you might think some of these border on "she's coo coo for coco puffs" but I'm ok with that. Just some quirky things I do to save a little bit here and there, maybe it will all add up in the end and I'll be a millionaire, hasn't happened yet but I'll keep trying.

Refill smaller containers instead of buying new ones everytime, we go through soy sauce like it's nothing so I buy the big jug at Costco and continue to refill the small bottle. This jug refills the bottle 4 times, if I take the price I would have paid for 4 10oz bottles and subtract the amount I pay for the 1.2L jug, I end up saving $6.97.

If you use coffee creamer there is always a bunch left at the bottom that won't pour out so I pour hot coffee in the empty container and shake it to get every last bit of the creamer out.

You can freeze ripe bananas if you have some that are going bad. Bananas left in their skins will freeze for 6-7 months or you can peel and freeze them whole in a Ziploc bag, just take them out when you have time to make banana bread or throw them in a food processor and you have instant "banana ice cream".
Bummer, your favorite lipgloss ran out or you know there is more foundation left in the tube but it won't squeeze out. Cut open the tube and there is usually several more applications left, you can do this with sunscreen or toothpaste, to be honest I don't cut my toothpaste tubes open, I don't want to deal with the mess but I know there is usually a ton of toothpaste left in the tube so if you want to, more power to ya!

This is a good one, my neighbor showed me this one and I thought it was genius, she's not quite as crazy as me, but close. If you've got a little bit of mustard left in a jar, pour ingredients right into the container like vinegar and olive oil or whatever you use, shake really well and voila' you've got salad dressing.
Don't throw away honey if it has crystallized, revive it by putting the container into a bowl of warm water or put it in the microwave to heat for a few seconds, be very careful if you use the microwave, the honey can get scalding hot!

Save your butter or margarine wrappers in a ziploc bag in the freezer, there is usually a lot left on the wrapper so use them to grease muffin tins or cake pans. You usually grab a blog glob of butter on you fingers but most of it gets wasted and you have butter in your finger nails all day even though you wash 100 times, if you use the wrappers your hands stay fairly clean and you just toss the wrapper when you're done, no waste!

This has to be one of my favorites! Do you get the money mailer envelope in the mail full of coupons for local businesses? Whatever coupons I don't use I save and use the paper to print more coupons like the ones from Coupons.com. Each sheet is the perfect size to print 1 coupon, the stores don't care as long as it is clearly printed and will scan.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diaper Coupons

I found some diaper coupons to share, each one can be printed twice. I know when my daughter was in diapers I was always on the hunt for diaper coupons.

$2.00 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Cruisers Diapers
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

$ .49 an issue for House Beautiful Magazine

Great magazine to sit and lazily peruse through (if you can ever get 2 minutes to yourself), my house will never look like the houses in the pictures but a girl can dream.  Only $ .49 an issue for 10 issues, you don't have to feel guilty about giving yourself a little treat or giving to a girlfriend as a gift.
Thu, Apr 18 Subscribe to House Beautiful Magazine, just $4.99/year from DiscountMags.com! Use Promo Code: 9872


Free Swimming at the Covington Aquatic Center Saturday April 20

Saturday April 20th is April Pool's Day at The Covington Aquatic Center, free lessons, water safety games and activities from 1 - 2 pm and Public Swim from 2 -3 pm. Go just to swim or if you were thinking about lessons for your child but weren't sure if they would enjoy it, this is a great chance to let them check it out for free. Our Daughter has done 5 swimming classes at The Covington Aquatic Center, she loves it, she has enjoyed all of her instructors and has really improved over the last 2 years. For more details go to www.covingtonwa.gov/cac/. Maybe we'll see you there!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FREE Admission to National Parks April 22 - April 26

National Park Week starts April 20, to celebrate all entrance fees are being waved Monday April 22 through Friday, time to unplug, spend some quality family time together, get some exercise and enjoy over 84,000 acres of incredible scenery, 17,000 miles of trails and 43,000 miles of shoreline in America's National Parks. For more details go to National Park Week.

What a great way to just slow down and enjoy some of the simple things in life!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time Flies...almost time for Part 3 of my review of the Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-firm Set

Wow I can't believe how fast time flies and it's almost time for me to write my review of a product that I have been using for almost the last two months. It is the Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Set. If you haven't already read Part 1 and Part 2 I'll tell you a little bit about myself, I'm 42 and have never really used any kind of anti-aging product so when my friend Liz Hawks who sells Mary Kay approached me about trying the TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Set, I thought why not. It is designed for women over 40 to keep your skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible and to reduce lines, fill in here and there and reduce the look of age spots.

So far I absolutely love the way my skin feels, the only words I can think of is that it feels perfectly hydrated, not too much but not too little, it's just right. I don't want to spoil it so you will have to read all the details yourself and you get to see me without makeup and decide for yourself. Here's Part 1 of my Mary Kay Review and Part 2 of my Mary Kay Review hope you enjoy.

I have to add: I got an email from a Sweet Lady in Lexington SC who had been curious about the TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Set and read my reviews, she ended up buying it and starting it on her 41st Birthday. Hope it works out great for you and I want to hear all about it!
If anyone is curious about this product or other Mary Kay products contact Liz Hawks, she's great, she's down to earth, you will love her. LizHawks@marykay.com or you can call her 253-653-4866.


2 Adults tickets to "The Big Wedding" Movie for only $12

I don't know if it's a good movie or not but if you are looking for cheap date night movie or girls night movie you can go to "The Big Wedding" for $12 for 2 adults. All the details are at TheBigWeddingMovie.com, buy your ticket online and take another person for free. If anybody ends up going you'll have to let us know if it was good!



Monday, April 15, 2013

Free 12pc Gift with any $19.50 ULTA Brand Cosmetic Purchase.

Today through April 20, FREE 12-pc ULTA Set with any $19.50 purchase of ULTA Brand Cosmetics, Beauty Tools, Implements, Cosmetic Brushes, Skincare or ULTA Professional Nail Lacquer and Primers (while supplies last) Customizable 12 pc Gift by ULTA Free with any $19.50 ULTA Brand purchase. An $88 value!

Make Sour Cream out of Cottage Cheese

If you are in a bind and need sour cream but all you have is cottage cheese you can turn the cottage cheese into sour cream in just a few easy steps.

Put 1 Cup Cottage Cheese in your blender.
Add 5 Tablespoons Milk (doesn't matter 1%, 2%, Whole)
1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
Blend until creamy and you've got sour cream. Use wherever you would normally use sour cream, baked potatoes, add homemade Lipton Onion Soup Mix and you've got dip.


Source for Compost Bags

I finally ran out of all the free compost bags that I got from several different places, I hate to buy them but I use my little compost bucket all day long and it's just easier to have a bag in it so I don't have to wash it every time, I just take the full bag out and dump it into the yard waste bin.
 I bought these from eBay, they are just right for the little bucket that sits on your counter and priced as good or better than anything I could find at a retail location. They arrived really quickly and are good quality (they are clear, not the green ones). You don't have to bid you can just buy it now and the shipping is free (I bought these exact bags, the seller is trustworthy).

Kids Bowl Free All Summer Long!

Register now for Kids Bowl Free, each registered child gets 2 Free games of bowling everyday all summer long. Click on the map to find a participating bowling center in your town, all the details are at KidsBowlFree.com.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

$10 Off $50 or more at Winco

If you shop at Winco in Oregon or Washington this is a really good coupon $10 off your purchase of $50 or more. Go to Winco.com to print, put in your zip code (it will have to be a zip code that is within range of an Oregon or Washington participating Winco location). It didn't come up on the first page of coupons for me, you can either scroll through or look at the categories on the left hand side of the page under "local coupons". Looks like you can only print it once and did you know that Ibotta works at Winco, if you haven't downloaded Ibotta yet check it out. Take Ibotta shopping and make $250 this year Download the free app Click Here

Thursday, April 4, 2013

12 Issues of Reader's Digest Magazine for $4.49

Less than $ .38 an issue for Reader's Digest Magazine. Thu, Apr 4 Subscribe to Reader's Digest Magazine, just $4.49/year from DiscountMags.com! Use Promo Code: 6379


Saturday April 6, Home Depot Kids Workshop

First Saturday of every month is the Free Home Depot Kids Workshop, it's for kids ages 5-12 at Home Depot Stores, 9am - 12pm, this month is a bird feeder. It's really fun for kids, totally free, we've probably gone close to a dozen times now and my daughter loves doing the project. Get all the details here Home Depot Kids Workshop.


My secret way to make outdoor toys look like new again.

If you have outdoor toys that have been sitting in the backyard all winter they probably need some cleaning and polishing. Wash them really well with the hose and the let them dry, then polish them with Armor All, I promise you the toys will look like new. The Armor All brings back the color and the shine even if it's been faded by the sun, if you plan on selling some items, polish them before and you will end up getting more money for them.





Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You don't need to spend a fortune on toys, repurpose items you have at home already.

Let's get real, when you have little kids you quickly find out they are happy with the smallest things, they play with the box the toys came in and have a blast popping bubble wrap. I'm not saying don't buy toys I'm just saying they don't always have to have the latest and greatest to be satisfied.

I went through my plastic cupboard and pulled out stuff my daughter can play with outside in her playhouse, she can play in mud and water and play house, don't need to go buy outdoor toys.

I found old hair stuff and made a little hairstyling basket for her, she sits on the couch and does my hair, she has a blast brushing and putting curlers in my hair. I didn't spend a dime on a fake set and she is just as happy.
I know this won't last forever, as they get older they see things that friends have and are influenced by commercials on TV but I am going to try to keep it as simple as I can for as long as I can. I always say I'm saving money while she's young by not buying every gadget and name brand piece of clothing, then I have it for the important stuff that really matters later on in her life.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AA Batteries....48ct $10.59 with Subscribe and Save

Get 48 AA Batteries for $10.59 from Amazon. This is the Subscribe & Save price, remember you can cancel at anytime after your order ships, if you don't you will continue to receive shipments.

Help Schools by using Box Tops For Education

You can help schools without clipping or cutting, join Box Tops For Education online, link it to your grocery club cards and when you buy participating products the Box Tops go directly to the school of your choice. Grandparents, Friends, Relatives, you can all help buy signing up and designating the Box Tops to the school of your choice. If you don't know any school age kids but would like to help, message me privately and I'll give you the name of some schools. I have a school age child and have seen for myself how budget cuts and reduced funding has affected the schools so I encourage everybody to sign up!!!!!

You benefit by signing up too, get recipes, coupons, exclusive deals!


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